Sheetrock/Drywall Damage

Main Sheetrock damage problems

  • Water damage
  • Holes in wall
  • Crack is seams of sheet rock
  • House settling
  • Just been there a long time
  • Zombies trying go get to you.
  • Chuck Norris work out room.

This is a very very common problem. People love putting holes in the wall. Punching, Kicking, Throwing things a the drywall wall. If you hit in between 2×4 studs if hitting or kick it it you might just break the wall hit a stud and you might get to go visit the ER.  Does not make any difference to me where the hole came from. I just need to be fixed and look as close as it can to the original. Some Sheetrock in old rent houses you can wall through and count how many holes there are. Drywall damage is common.

Sometimes like this last year in the winter when everything froze or when summer gets going and the water pan in your attic overflows You get Sheet rock damage. Lots of it. Lots of times the damage is just painting or needs a little tap and texture To fix the damage. Some Drywall Damage is as bad as the drywall actually getting so wet the is falls down. That really sucks when that happens. The damage has to be cut back to good sheetrock and then have new drywall put in, and all the damage needs to be taped and bedded or mudded. Have texture put on it then painted. And pretend it never happened. You can put a little pond under it in the house so no one ever looks up if you don’t fix it, but someone will notice.

I had one recently that someone had rented a house. They must have been selling drugs, the renter cut a hole in the wall with a finger hole to put it out and put in. It was funny but the owner was way not happy at all. Forgot as usual to get a photo. It was sheetrock damage in the Argyle tx area.

Sheetrock repair comes in so many different forms. This is all over the inside of your home. So about a million ways to damage it.

You might have to cut it to make peak hols for looking for zombies. We will have to cut out the exterior of you your home. But hey who cares. For now, we can make holes look nice till then.

So if you live in the Denton county area or Fort worth or north Dallas area and have a drywall area just call or text me. 940.222.7114.

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