Handyman in Little Elm, Texas

Handyman services in Little Elm TX, If you are looking to find a local Handyman, 380 Handyman can help.I was living in Savannah, TX, when I came up with the name 380Handyman.com, I was going to work up and down 380 highway doing Handyman work and house painting. Long story short, I ended up moving into Denton but still service up and down 380.

It is funny that I use to help my dad deliver trusses to Little elm in the early ’80s when the population of Little Elm was a whole 926 people. Things have changed just a little. No more trusses, but I still provide Handyman Services to the area.

There are a few handyman services I provide that I want to talk about here, and you can go to my service page on my website and read more about my handyman services in Little Elm, Texas, and you might find some useful DIY Handyman info.

One service is Fence and Gate Repair. I cannot tell you how many people have gates that do not work well. They drag or do not shut right or just loose as a goose. Most of the time, the gate was just made cheap, and most gates in the Little Elm area have been worked on at some point, and most of the time no one spends the little bit of extra time so that instead of having your gate work for a month it works for years. It does not take that much longer to repair a wood gate or a wood fence right. If you need gate repair or fence repair, call me at 940.222.7114.

I want to touch on handyman and the word contractor. In Texas, you can call yourself a contractor. If had a 5-year-old kid, they could be called a contractor. SO do not let that word fool you. I am a handyman because I have skills in many trades. I do not just specialize in one—example Painting. I provide painting in Little Elm, but I do not specialize in it. There are a lot of paint jobs that I will not do because it needs to be done by a professional painter. Example a two-story home or staining large amount of cabinets. I am not geared to do them. I will spray one-story houses, and I will provide interior painting. I have many people ask me to do one or two rooms. If I am doing a make-ready, I will spray a whole house sometimes.

Contractors are generally companies that come into a maybe a remodel your home. They might have framers in house, but they have contractors that do the drywall (That is a different company). They have a relationship with them, so they get a better price, but you will pay the same price as if you called the drywall people to come over, but you have to deal with them. The contractor on your home will deal with them and makes sure they do it right, and on time a contactor might call me to come in and do some work on your home. But I do not work for contractors; it is just a general policy for me. One thing I hate is to have to track down money owed to me.

I am a handyman. I will refer someone to you, but I do not claim to be a contractor. You can use the person I send to you or not, but I jut give you a phone number. When I give you the number, I do not call that company and ask for a cut also. I will call to tell them I gave there name out. I want you to get good work. Like if you need 200 feet of fence work. I do not do that, so I will say XYZ company does it and a reasonable price. Low bid will generally get you a lot of pain in the ass work. They are much more likely not to come back and fix or repair a problem. They did it so cheap they can not afford it. But with a good reputable company, they might be more, but they will stand behind there work.

I hope that helps with handyman and contractors that serve the Little Elm area.

As a handyman near you, I do a lot of work with drywall repair, painting, I also repair doors in little Elm and I replace doors in Little elm. House painting, Touch up paint, Drywall repair and Trim replacement, and Trim Repair in little elm. Handyman services near you in Little Elm.

Does not cost you anything to call and ask me questions if you have any.

Call or text, 940.222.7114, ask for Todd. I will answer the phone, so you do not really need to ask. Just say TODD! I will Say WHAT?