Handyman Krum, TX. I use to live in Krum. I do a lot of Handyman work in Krum. From sheetrock repair, fixing sticking doors, Rotting wood outside, caulking inside and outside.


Top 5 repairs that home has that a Handyman work on.


* 1 Touch up paint. Every few years you need to do this to keep your home looking nice and the outside touch-up paint is

a big thing. You want to prevent rot on your wood. Cheaper than replacing it.

*2 Caulking around the tub, toilet, Sinks, Caulking overtime needs to be recaulked Keep leaks from happing and it can save you a lot of money.

*3 Sticking doors the way our soil is and temperature changes doors can be made to not stick year-round by planning them down.

*4 Drapes Lots of people do not have them but they want them it is nice to keep all light out of a room and they just look good.

*5 Smoke Alarms they start chirping if one starts to replace batteries in all of them. If you do just one the next day another will start. So just do them all.

Here is a little info that might help you.

http://www.ci.krum.tx.us/ this is the city website.

Zip code 76249

https://www.mapquest.com/us/texas/krum-tx-282033454  where Krum is.

Krum is a nice place and it growing fast. Lots of new houses and it is important to keep your house up to standards. One day you might want to sell. If you do not keep it up you will have bigger expenses. And you do not want to hold up a sale because of big problems or have to make the money of the selling price.