Make Ready? Moving out or trying to rent.

If you are a real estate/property management company or a homeowner that is thinking about selling or renting your house or a renter moving out. You have to make do readies.

Top 3 reasons for a good make ready
Money money money number 4 was also money but 3 was enough

Real estate or property management company

Homeowner selling,  some people just call the number on the little signs that say we buy ugly homes. Some people want to make money on house. For me, I want to help you make money, and protect you from zombie apocalypses. When you talk to your real estate person and make a plan, that is when I come in. Most houses make readys is just touch up paint, new towel holders, fix holes, power washing house, repair rotted wood on house or replacing exterior doors. The make-ready is a small cost that can make a big difference. You and I know the buyer is looking for every little thing to make a big deal out of to get you down on price. Or something to make them think good or bad. I try to help you not give them so much material/things to bitch about. Some things need to be done sometimes like painting a wall that you thought was great bring dark yellow, or like a purple bedroom, old tv mounted area, big holes in walls, window sills are sometimes a must paint. The list goes on, Look on my home page and scroll down. Lots of the make-ready items are on there. You get into little things sometimes when selling your home. Yeah, the new lady of the house will prob change the kitchen, maybe re-do the color or wallpaper in the bath and kitchen, make the garage into a room for man to live in. You can not guess that. But if you have a crapy makeover and the house next door has a nice make ready and at the same price, they will look at that house a lot more. People deep down don’t like it because if I come to the house means that there is a problem. No one likes problems. But people do like some things like painting different colors but then again they have to pay me or do it themselves and painting is a lot of fun for like the first 15 min. Then it becomes work, or they paint walls and find out cutting in the paint is a little harder than the youtube video they watched.

I would, most people want to move into a house that is ready. Unlike me, if the house had some problems and was cheaper I would look at it a lot.

For real estate people, I tell the seller that they should talk to you about what they should do. Lots of people want to know if they should for example put in a new floor. I do not really know if they put in a 2000 dollar floor if the house will sell for 3000 more or if it will help it sell. Just to let yall know. I do encourage them to fix little things. Touch up paint, holes in the wall, no soliciting signs on the door. Lol

Property management company, My word of advice, If you have rentals in Denton and example South Dallas, you should get a company like me in both areas. Property management places want to hold a carrot out to handyman services of how much work they can give them. The problem is I live in Denton, you need a light bulb changed no problem, you want to have me change a light bulb in south Dallas it will cost a lot more. And your clients will not like it. Most of your clients want to put no money in them. But doing a halfway make-ready for the next renter in time will pay off. Or they may be wanting to be a slum lord. I don’t work for slum lords. They are always looking to cheat you. I think they dream at night about how to cheat someone and think about how that 100 dollars they saved on a make-ready will buy them a night’s drinks in Mexico.

You a Renter moving out
A lot of apartments and houses do everything to get your deposit it is to your advantage to try and clean up some on the building itself. If you have put holes in walls, marked on them, or tore up a door. A make-ready might be what you need. A make ready can help save your credit also.