Local Handyman Services, You might not have thought of?

Do you have one of these thoughts or worries?

Not limited to just these local handyman services, this list is just to help people think of things

Door Replacement and Repair

  • Replace door and door frame (Mostly Exterior doors)
  • Paint or stain doors
  • Change Door locks
  • Doors sticking
  • Add replace door-stops
  • Door will not close or sticks
  • Locks not holding
  • Door hinges pulled out or replace because door hinges have been painted to many times
  • Door needs painting or touch up
  • Replace Door kick plate or add new door kickplate
  • Replace door trim or replace door weather stripping 

Wall and Ceiling / Sheet Rock Repair

  • Fix holes from door knobs going through walls, Kids or you stepping through ceiling
  • Paint and texture because of pealing or wall damage.
  • Fix cracks and texture from home expanding and contacting with weather or moving from settling
  • I you have foundation work you will probably have cracks. This is not a problem to fix
  • Scuffs on walls from moving furniture
  • Wallpaper removal and new wallpaper hung
  • Pin holes and nail holes


  • Repaint bedroom
  • Clean, caulk window seals
  • Caulk Bedroom shelves in closet and repaint
  • Add shelves to rooms and / or add shelves to closets
  • Replace ceiling fans, blinds or light fixtures
  • Touch up paint 
  • Fill holes in Bedroom walls


  • I also remodel bathrooms
  • Update toilets (Pink and Green was pretty cool) (Get rid of 5 gallon flush toilets)
  • Replace insides of toilets so they do not run or stick
  • Remove and Re-caulk around sink, shower, toilet, bath tub
  • Replace or fix towel racks and tp holders
  • Wall paper

Garage and Laundry room

  • Add Shelves and more shelves. From roof or walls
  • Rack to hang up clothes
  • Mount a TV
  • Make man or woman cave
  • Convert Garage into something else (Game Room-Bedroom)
  • Pegs on walls for hanging coat


  • Smoke and CO2 detector
  • Paint cabinets
  • Repair cabinets
  • New knobs on cabinets or if none put knobs on cabinets
  • Fix draws or cabinet doors
  • Sink Leak and Problems

House general list needs 

  • Smoke alarms battery replace or replace out of date fire alarms
  • Touch up paint Inside and outside
  • Fill, Texture and repaint walls that have cracked or pealed
  • Replace out of date or fix towel holders
  • Hang paintings and / mirrors
  • Caulk around tub, toilet, sinks and showers.
  • Caulk and paint trim with joints that have gaps
  • Repaint or install crown molding (Always a nice touch)
  • More Shelves in garage, closets, For – photos, trophies, knick knacks, spices or food
  • Replacing trim chewed up by dog or cat scratches. Sometimes does not need to be replaced.
  • Drapes to keep light out so Zombies will not know your home
  • TV mounting (On wall or ceiling) Mount above bed so you do not need to prop yourself up
  • Catio or Cat indoor playground. (Google it)
  • General updating of towel holders, faucets, blinds
  • Convert Carpet over to wood covering. Stop replacing carpet

Local Handyman Services in , Denton, Little Elm, Cross Roads, Savannah Tx, Frisco, Keller, Roanoke, Lantana, Robinson Ranch, Krum, Highland Village, Justin, South Lake and Sanger Tx.

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