House damage such as rot is one thing you have and need to have the rot replacement. You will see the rot on the corners of your roof. That is called facias for all those who don’t know. If you have bought a used home, you need to look up at the corners to see if you see rot there. You might see that someone has put a lot of caulk on it or it might have layers of caulking. That has built up. It might look new because the house has been painted to make it look good but there can be rot under that area and it will show through again. Trust me.

You need to look around the porch also. Look at the poles at the base of them, they tend to rot also. If you have siding that goes down to the ground, you will see it there also. In some cases, you will see it up high. This happens because homeowners tend not to paint their house when it needs it and goes years without doing anything. If you have tall plants around your home or have had tall plants, they can do a lot of damage. Does not take that long for a limb to rub the paint off a house. And if that limb stays there for years, it can just about rub the wood off to the bone.

If you are worried about it I will walk around your house and look. Lots of times I just need to do a little thing here or there. It does not have to cost a lot. I try and keep your cost down. Hey, I live here I know how it is. I also know if we don’t get on it the damage will get worse and then the damage to your home gets expensive. You get a good return on your investment spend a dollar now and save 5 in the future bank cannot give you that kinda rate. Lolol

There are other things you need to look out for. While we walk around, I will show you things that will save you energy. Lots of time it is just caulking. You can send me photos. I also do not fix rot on 2 story houses. I don’t know anyone that does just to tell you.

Rotted boards in Lantana, Denton, Argyle, Highland Village, Crossroads. These is the main areas I work. With gas now, I don’t like having to drive 2 houses down. Lololol If you can bring your house to me it would be great. But I don’t work on Mobile homes. I’m not good at them they are built so differently.