Corinth, Texas Handyman Service, Drywall repair, Rotted Trim, Painting, Make-Ready

Are you looking for handyman services in Corinth, TX? Call me now at 940.222.7114. Little info, I am located just north of Corinth, TX in Denton, TX. When I was a kid 11 years old, I use to help deliver trusses to Corinth population 1264.  There was a little church just off the I-35, and that is where the city council was, and I believe the mayor ran the cities business out of, quite funny looking back at it.

Handyman services in Corinth, Texas

I do a lot of handyman work in Corinth, Lots of drywall repair, mostly cracks in the drywall that has happened over the years from shifting houses and some foundation work that causes cracks. The Corinth area has many homes sales these days.

Here are a few problems you might encounter.

Sinks, Bathtubs, and countertops need calking replaced or re-caulked. You do not want to find that water leaking somewhere, then find out an example under your sink that all the wood has rotted out and needs to be replaced.

You might have rotted and warned out paint on your exterior trim. Lots of times, it is where trees have been rubbing on the house or just exposed. Sometimes people forget to paint for years and years. It happens. The rot needs to be cut out and repainted. This trim repair is essential because it will continue to get worse and will cost more money to repair exterior trim, soffit, and fascia as the rot progresses.



If you are looking to sell your real estate agent should help you figure out the things that need to be fixed before going on the market. Home repair and touch up paint is a big thing for a new homeowner. It is best to have your home looking pretty good before the new prospective buyers come in to see your home. If you have not repaired drywall cracks, caulked tubs, sinks, and painted walls with window seals, the next thing you know, they will be looking for every little thing to try and get the price down. This is where a local handyman like myself comes into play. You will make more money if you have a little work done. An example just did a home. Buyers wanted two home repairs before they signed. The homeowner offered 500 off the price; if they would sign, they said no. I went and fixed the two home repairs. Cost 150 dollars, so he saved 350 on what he was willing to give. 380 Handyman saving another homeowner in distress. That’s just funny.

Inspection of home condition and handyman repairs of a punch list.

If you have a home and you are trying to sell it. When the buyer gets an inspection, they will have a few things that they want to be done before they take it. Sometimes they will take money off the sale, but lots of times, people want the house repairs done. They don’t care about the money they do not want to deal with anything but moving in. This is understandable. Luckily you found your local handyman. Call to tell me what is going on, and I will help you get it done. I have had it where I had to run out to a home for repairing a few things at night because the people said they would sign in the morning. I work with you to get your home repaired, painting and caulking fast because I understand what you are dealing with.

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