Door Repair and Door Replacement

As you know Doors get used a lot. So there is always door repair. I can be from noisy hinges to the damn thing fell off. I have seen doors that I can mos believe still work. Sometimes Door repair in houses is that “My doors are sticking” this is very common. Houses shift and expand and contract. Most doors can be fixed to where the Sicking doors work all year round.

Door repair can include changing out the whole door and door jam. The reason is most of the time the exterior door gets rot down at the bottom on the sides.  I recommend just taking the Exterior door and door jam out and getting a new door with a door frame. That is called a pre-hung door.

On the exterior expectedly. The door gets banged up and does not look nice. Find your door and tell me when you have it. For a small fee, I will pick up the door at HD or Lowes for you. Saves you a lot of money. (Call me first when you’re going to replace your door and buy it for me to pick up) Then install it. Door replacement is needed lots of times because of selling older houses, Houses with 3 little boys running in and out, Or of course if a zombie or meteorite hits it. OR you forgot your keys, had to be at work and kicked the door in. This is common. Kick the back door in if you have to. Prob a cheaper door.

Barn doors are in style these days. If you have one tell me.

If you have a door needing to be replaced in Lantana, Argyle, Denton, Cross Roads, Highland Village. These are areas I repair and replace doors.