Handyman Services Denton Texas,

If you are in need of a home repair or a handyman near me. You found your handyman. I am the owner of 380handyman.com. I have lived in the Denton area for 42 years. I live in Denton City right now. I’m always looking for people I can help with my service in Denton because this is where I live. Denton and surrounding cities get the best rate because I do not have to drive across the DFW metropolis for handyman jobs. We all know what that is like.

I will tell you the biggest things people call me for with my handyman work.

5 Top Handyman Repairs in Denton Texas.

  1. Door Repair in Denton; Doors that stick or doors will not stay shut. Lots of repair trim around doors because – I have a dog or cat that has scratched up my door trim. Let me tell you I have seen some good ones.

Door replacement, Handyman Repairs in Denton Texas

  • Exterior door replacement is a never-ending service for me. I do them well also.
  1. Drywall Repair in Denton;
    • Holes in walls need repair a lot. From small holes in walls like from photos, paintings, Taking down drapes, Fist make good holes, furniture moving makes dents in drywall. I cannot leave one of the biggest water damage, Yellow or brown spots from water damage might not leave holes but lots of times it does. A plumber might have to come into your home and cut out a lot of spots in your walls to get to something. Sometimes with water-damaged drywall repair in Denton, I will make an access point so that if it happens again you can just take a few screws out and have access in the wall to plumbing.
    • Holes in Ceiling Yes, I have done it…Stepped through a ceiling. I was lucky and did not fall through. People die from that. It happens and the drywall has to be repaired and new texture put on to match the old texture. Water damage in my ceiling because of may “AC unit got stopped up and ran over” this is a big one and it can do a lot of damage. Go going into winter to prevent this and having to see me your local handyman check out your drain pan. Some people say put bleach in it every so many day. I would Google it if I were you. I am not an AC person. Just drywall repair man in Denton.
    • Cracks in Walls and Ceiling are drywall repairs that just about everyone will have if you live in Texas. If your neighbor does not have them they probably got them fixed already or you should look at them with suspicion. Kidding. When a company works on your foundation depending on what they do, you will have cracks and maybe a lot of them. I believe most will tell you to wait about 6 months before you repair them. If you have real noticeable ones you might have them fixed right away and they might need a little touch-up or maybe not. But drywall cracks are common and not something to get worried about also because our houses expand and contract. It will cause cracks in the drywall and make doors stick. I fix them both at the same time for people.
  2. House painting in Denton, Interior and Exterior painting of homes.
    • Interior house painting is an ongoing never-ending thing. Touch up paint, accent walls, change color painting inside house, Cabinet painting. The list of paintings goes on and on. If you look at a home with no furniture you will see just about everything is painted or stained. All paint wears out, changes color, and fades. Just the nature of paint. Always use good paint. Don’t buy the cheapest paint and believe that just because it says “great paint will last forever for 15 bucks” it is not and will not. I use Sherwin Williams paint. Talk to them about the levels and the true durability it is worth it. You can have a Black wall and use the good Sherwin Williams paint and cover it in one coat. Yeah, one coat. Try that with cheap paint that comes out of the can like water.
    • Exterior painting in Denton Texas. Every so many years you have to paint your house. In-between times you need to stay on paint touch up. The problem is with trees raking against your home and water hitting it and standing water you will get rot on your house trim or siding. Trust me it is best to touch up your exterior paint before you get rot. Rot cost a lot of money compared to paint. You have to have the trim removed or cut out and replaced then painted. Every year you should walk around your house and look for paint problems, so you don’t need your local handyman to replace the trim on your home just call to have paint touched up. Big difference in price. If you have trim rot I will replace it and get it painted and we can keep it on top of it. Exterior painting and Touch up in Denton. I should get a domain of that.
  3. Fence Repair in Denton, Like you hear me preach about maintain the fence. Lots of people have to post break from rot and pickets fall off and the grayness that happens over time that you never notice till it gets to be too late. If you maintain your fence you might get 10 more years out of it. The nice wood fence you almost have to get a loan for.
    1. Fence Gate Repair in Denton.  Now gate repair is something that is a little more difficult. Most gates I run across are made as cheap and as fast as one can make.  They start to sag and they are not on the good post between the gate opening. Gate repair is something of an art. I always try and make the gates to where you will not have a problem for years. I cannot tell you how many gates I have worked on that I can tell they just did not take the time to fix the gate right. I take the time. I am willing to bet almost my quality fence gate repair is the same price as crappie fence gate repair.

Those are 380handyman.com ‘s 5 most called about local handyman jobs. I have some links for each of the problems that you can follow to more info on them. It is good to maintain problems. Look at how many buildings that have been around for 30 to 40 years you have been going to since you were younger and how they are still in tack and look good. Maintenance is the difference. Look good all the time and never have a lump problem with 10 things when you sell your home.

I have made links for a few things in Denton if you need fast access to them.  Some are general some or places I think are worth putting on my site.

These are links to what you need to know about them. Hours ETC.