Caulking, Doors – Window – Bathroom – Sinks

Caulking is a never-ending need. You kinda just have to live with caulking. It does get old, dirty or lots of things never get caulked. Up in Denton, I do a lot of calking on pretty new homes. Lots of houses are built so fast and cheap and don’t get the final look as good as they should and the homeowner does not know to look. It is one of the last things they are looking at. I know your thinking I look at caulking before the way the kitchen is layed out. But caulking is important for your Bathrooms, Kitchens, Windows, and caulking around doors. Caulking around your house will save you money. Big money savings on the outside. 

This is a photo of bad caulking. I will have to take photos of caulking. I can not remember to take other photos and the exciting photos of caulk seem to fall behind.

There is a lot of caulks. Just walk down the paint aisle in Home depot. I own most of them for having bought too many jobs over the years. Caulking can Save you big money

Top 4 things that need to be caulked

Bathroom Caulking

They get dirty and around the sink can get pulled out and needs to be touched up. Some times the caulk is just coming plain off. You can just pull it. You also have caulking around base of the toilet. Mostly for looks.

Window Caulking

Window caulking is on the inside of the window and on the out. The outside of the window needs to be caulked you’re trying to cut down on water and wind coming into your house. If your house is over 10 years you should prob have me look at them.

Door Caulking

You need caulk around them they are a big hole in your house. You have trim around your door on the inside that you need and there should be foam around the door but you need caulking. You need it at the bottom to keep water from getting under your wood and rotting it out.

Sink Caulking

Sinks need caulk I don’t think I really need to say much here. But if you don’t have them caulked right it leads to rot and big money to fix. I fix them and they are a pain in the butt but it can be prevented.

Caulking is for stopping rot, wind, rain, and it can make things pretty. Like you or a wedding cake.