Catios / Indoor play areas.

Yes, they are popular. I enjoy making them and playing with cats. They can also be for dogs but mostly catios are for cats. Never seen Dogieos but we can talk about it if you want.

I can build Catios They are very popular with people in Urban areas. Cats are like us, in Texas, we like to go outside sometimes. For a cat, it can be like just a little catio spot like for one cat just to sit, or if you look online people have built some really big ones. They will make you jealous. Some you look at and think “I could live in that”. You will see one of the last ones I built it went on a 2 story window. Yeah, it was a lot of fun putting together a catio on a ladder. Wish you could have been there to help. I have not really pushed making catios. I have had it listed but only a few people have seen it and called. Since I build them I can make yours very personalized. Color, custom size for window, away from the house with a tunnel to it. It can also be made zombie-proof. Cats are people too. Lolol Maybe one that the cat can go all around the outside of your home then go inside to a play area. A catio is so much better than letting your cat just run around. Outside of getting killed on a road, shot, killing all your baby birds around you (they are known for that) and people love their little birds like people love their cats or something crazy like covered for cats. You can have an area that you control, they love and I know it is fun to watch them looking at birds. I have put a bird feeder out so they kinda can see it. I did not put It like on the catio.

Indoor Cat play areas I suggest looking online. Like Instagram or google images. You will see little cat stairs going up a wall, ramps you name it. Think of hamster tube thing but not tubes, but make for cats. They are crazy. You probably have seen on my site i do a lot of shelves and indoor cat ideas are right up my alley.