Welcome, My name is Todd Steincamp, 380 Handyman services Denton County. I have lived in Denton County since 1978. My father was a pilot in the Air Force. He wanted to be an entrepreneur, moved back to Texas, and started “Spanaway Roof Trusses,” From about 1979, we started building our own buildings for Spanaway, and built our own home. I was around ten or 3rd grade, whatever age that is. We ran Spanaway for around 25 years. Built Homes and Trusses from Bowie to McKinney.

I have worked so many things now I have forgotten some things I have done. You might ask me, “Have you ever” I might say no, but that night I will remember. The point is I have the skills. Kinda like if you put 5 Ikeas tables together you kinda have the skills to put tables together. In general the skill you have translates over. And the skills I have are not skill taught in school. You have to work with someone then start taking on other things for yourself. It is a big step. I still remember going out on my own. I started early with my best friend. We started at 17 years old. He went into Electrician after a bit, and I started doing all kinds of things for myself and with my Dad. Some of projects from making Crockett fields, outdoor fireplaces, every kind of minor problem within a home, fixing barns, Making pool cages, working huricanses, I have also oil painted, built art stetchers, made a lot of shelves, instaled shelves, and remodeling.Catios and pet enclosures are a big thing for me.

Just a few of the things I’ve made and worked on includes decks, fences, painting, sheetrock, hanging photos for people, putting knobs on cabinets, working on little sheds outback of houses, space ships, cutting hair, and zombie proofing homes. Ok, not the ships or hair. I am willing to try and cut your hair, and if you are working on a spaceship or robot, I can help. Too many things to recal some I don’t want to. lol

I mainly provide Handyman home repair services, build Catios or Cat Enclosures around Denton, Corinth, Crossroads, Argyle,  and the DFW area. I enjoy what I do, making it easy for me to be a Handyman for hire.

The working photo I took one day. I needed an action shot.

Lots of handypersons will put down everything from pools to roofs. I don’t fool myself or you. Pool companies make pools, and roofing companies do roofs. I work on a Honey-do list, house problems, Odds and ends. I really like doing odds and ends and little Remoldeling. If you make a wish list of all the things you  need, from hanging photos, fixing some trim, painting, or making doors close, I can help you with handyman work in the DFW area. If it is something I feel is not in my scope of work, I will tell you and help you find someone if you need. I tell people lots of time over the phone what to do. I should charge for that. Lol No job is too small, but some are too big. I don’t build homes or ad-ons anymore.

If you need a contractor I might help. I just don’t really like contracting but it is a need for a lot of people. Some big companies have everything in house. They normally do big jobs. Takes a lot of work to keep say 20 people working year round big payroll.

Try and text me rather than call. Most of the time, I can not answer the phone. If I’m at your home working, you don’t want me running a business or talking to friends in your house. My area is mainly Denton County, Frisco, Savannah, Cross Roads, Aubrey, Lewisville, Corinth, Robinson Ranch, Roanoke, Argyle, Krum and Sanger. If you are a friend of one on my clients I might go farther.

I also always try and tell you the best way and the economical way. Sometimes this just need to be fixed not look pretty. I don’t try and run up a bill. I can not stand it when people try and do that to me. Lots of people don’t care about people at all. They had not been raised that way.

I do job calls on my days off, and my handyman days off can be Monday and Thursday. You never know I don’t. Sometimes I will have to go weeks without a day off. If you are going to call 10 handyman companies to have a door lock changed or something small, please don’t call me. I will give you a fair price. But you need to look at my list on home page. You need to have enough work for someone to go to your house. Everyone is going to have a service call. You have to have this. Or People will call and want you to come out and change one light bulb that takes 1 min and expect you to charge 2 dollars. Even if you spent 5 dollars in gas to get to them. So make a list. Service call is from 50 to 100 dollars. Depends on how far out you live. I will work on things for you. Sometimes you would be surprised that in an hour I can fix 10 or 20 things. You need a list.

I’m here to help you. Please remember it does not take long for me to get backed up. If you are trying to sell a home or if you have an inspector list tell me. If you are going to sell a house tell me so we can walk around the house.

I can bid a lot of jobs on the phone. I can get you in the ball park at least. If you just have to have me come look at something before, or you are thinking about buying a house and want me to come out and guess at how much it will cost to fix that is a charge. I just do have time to go look at things. Lots of people think I am just sitting around wanting to get out. I am always busy. I am always trying to take time off. I don’t need busy work. I will give you a kinda idea price and when I get there we will look and I will do it. Just don’t try and hide things from me I will see something.

But I live here in the Denton county area, have for a long time. I am am not here to try and rip you off. That is not my game.