Handyman Todd,

Welcome, My name is Todd Steincamp I have lived in Denton County since 1978. My father was a pilot in the Air Force. Wanted to be an entrepreneur moved back to Texas and Started “Spanaway Roof Trusses” so from about 1979 we started building our own building for Spanaway and we built our how home. I was around 10 or 3rd grade whatever age that is. We ran Spanaway for around 25 years. Built Homes and Trusses from Bowie to McKinney. Just being around all the constant building during my life I have worked on a few projects for people and myself. From making Crockett fields, outdoor fireplaces, every kind of little problem within a home. Just a few of the things I’ve made and worked on includes decks, fences, painting, sheetrock, hanging photos for people, putting knobs on cabinets, too much to recall. I mostly provide handyman home repair services these days around Denton and the DFW area. I enjoy what I do so it makes it easy for me to be a Handyman for hire.

My working photo I took one day. I needed an action shot. Lots of handymen will put down everything from pools to roofs. I don’t fool myself or you. Pool companies make pools and roofing companies do roofs. I work on a Honey-do list. If you make a wish list of all the things you want to be done from hanging photos, fixing some trim, painting, or making doors close I can help you with handyman work in the DFW area. If it is something I feel is not in my scope of work I will tell you and help you find someone. No job is to small but some are too big. I don’t build homes or ad-ons anymore.

If you need something bigger I can help you with contracting. I have lived around this area and can help you find the right people for a project. I don’t like doing things twice.

Try and text me rather than call. Most of the time I can not answer the phone. If I’m at your home working you don’t want me running a business or talking to friends in your house. I have a partner now in Fort Worth and he has been helping a lot. We will take on smaller jobs that need 2 people but most small Handyman services I will do or he will do handyman work in his area. My area is mainly Denton County, Frisco, Savannah, Cross Roads, Aubrey, Lewisville, Corinth, Robinson Ranch, Roanoke, Keller, Little more to the north of Fort Worth and the Dallas area. My partner takes more of the south of Keller area. Including handyman jobs in Fort Worth, North Richland Hills, Euless, Irving, Grapevine, area. Our handyman area can be bigger, I know it is hard to find good handymen. We can not do all Handyman near me jobs we get called for. We try but if you are in a hurry for handyman work tell us if you are not in a hurry tell us. Everyone that calls wants it done asap or yesterday. It can be a rotted piece of wood on the corner of the house and for some reason that day it needs to be done. They have known about it for years. If we have to really bust butt to get something done it will cost more. If you are not in a hurry we can schedule you in with someone in that area will be cheaper.

I do job calls on my days off and my handyman days off can be Monday and Thursday. You never know I don’t. Sometimes I will have to go weeks without a day off. If you are going to call 10 handyman companies to have a door lock changed or something small please don’t call me. I will give you a fair price. Call a few if you want on bigger jobs or 2 to 3 for some little job. Try not to waste people’s time or mine. If we agree on a price when I go all the way to your home don’t try this I will give you xx money that is a lower price for the work. I’m going to start just turning around and leaving. I’m not haggling over price. I gave you a good bid you accepted.

For the people that think that because I’m at your home doing a handyman job this does not mean when I get done that if you feel that I should do any work you can think up don’t try that on me. If you have a question that is one thing or something so small that I can help you that is another. When I’m done and about to leave don’t come up and say you want me to put on a doorknob, and just expect I’m going to do it, and act like your going to not pay me if I don’t. This is a very bad idea that they had.  People will save things to the very end to tell me. If you have added it to your list of things tell me right up front we will talk about it. No problem. 5 pm on a Friday that I have a date is not the time to spring something on me. Might be the last time you see me. I am here to help you and I’m to old to put up with people trying to get one over on me.

One last thing and these people know who they are don’t agree to a job shake hands on it they try and try to find someone else then get it cheaper and never tell the other person. Karma will get you for that. I had someone I had a deal with in two weeks. Was a 2-day job hand to work around cold and rain. Got to the day I was going to text them to say I would be there at 7 am. Had helper lined up had truck loaded then they said o I got it done I guess I should have told you. Lucky for him he was not standing in front of me.

Remember I am a handyman, just like a computer programmer, or a  pilot of a plan. This is my job in life. I am not doing this on the side. I have accumulated a lot of skills over my life. Let me do my job. If it was easy you should do it. Don’t tell me it will only take 5 min. I know how long it takes. Nothing takes 5 min. Well, I can go there look in look at it for prob 3 min and leave that is 5 min. We will need to talk fast and no hello or goodbyes. Lololol and have cash in hand I will grab it as I walk by.

Most of these things I have listed are only with a few people but trust me they get very old. I don’t have a lot of problems. I am trying to explain how things work.

You have a handyman problem, I am a handyman. You want me in and out so you can get on with life. I want to get in and get out of your hair as fast as I can. You know we Handymen make so much money like the owner of google we have to go and figure out what small island we want to buy. You know there is a chain of islands that only handymen can buy. Lolololol that’s funny. Most of us hope our truck stays running, but we like what we do. I like helping people.