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You might not have thought of it?

This is also a helpful reference for make-readies when buying/selling or for rental houses.

House general list needs

  • Smoke alarms battery replace or replace out of date fire alarms
  • Touch up paint inside and outside
  • Add doorstops
  • Fill, Texture, and repaint walls that have cracked or peeled
  • Fix cracks after house shifting or foundation Work
  • Replace out of date or fix towel holders
  • Hang paintings, shelves, and / mirrors
  • Caulk around tub, toilet, sinks, and showers.
  • Caulk and paint trim with joints that have gaps
  • More Shelves in garage, closets, For – photos, trophies, knick-knacks, spices, or food
  • Replacing trim chewed up by dog or cat scratches. Sometimes does not need to be replaced.
  • Drapes to keep light out so Zombies will not know your home
  • TV mounting Inside or out.
  • Catio or Cat indoor playground. (Google it) Pet enclosures. www.catiosoftexas.com
  • General updating of towel holders, faucets, blinds
  • Convert carpet over to wood covering. Stop replacing carpet


  • Replace door and door frame (Mostly Exterior doors)
  • Paint or stain
  • Change locks
  • Doors sticking
  • Will not close
  • Locks not holding
  • Come off hinges
  • Need painting or touch up
  • New or replace kick plates


  • Repaint room
  • Clean, caulk window seals
  • Caulk shelves in closet and repaint
  • Add shelves to rooms and Add shelves to closets
  • Replace ceiling fans, blinds, or light fixtures
  • Touch up paint

Walls and Ceiling

  • Fix holes from doorknobs going through walls, Kids or you stepping through the ceiling
  • Paint and Texture is pealing
  • Fix cracks and Texture from home expanding and contracting with weather or moving from settling
  • If you have had foundation work or the foundation has moved, you will probably have cracks.
  • Scuffs on walls from moving furniture


  • Update toilets (Pink and Green was pretty cool) (Get rid of 5-gallon flush toilets)
  • Replace insides of toilets, so they do not run or stick
  • Remove and Re-caulk around the sink, shower, toilet, bathtub
  • Replace or fix towel racks and tp holders
  • Wallpaper
  • Wallpaper removal and new wallpaper hung

Garage and Laundry room

  • Add Shelves
  • Frame to hang up clothes
  • Mount a TV
  • Make man or woman cave
  • Convert garage into something else (Game Room-Bedroom)


  • Smoke and CO2 detector
  • Cabinet painting
  • New knobs on cabinets or if none, put knobs on cabinets
  • Fix draws or cabinet doors

Exterior Areas

  • Deck Repair
  • Is my home Zombie proof? I should have it checked by 380 Handyman.
  • I think I have rotting wood on corners around my home?
  • Fix/replace wood trim or fascia that has rotted – if you stay on it and keep it fixed will save you lots of $$
  • The wood around the garage that has rotted replace
  • Chimneys will have rot on them most of the time and need paint
  • Repair fence and make gates that work. Clean and stain or paint.
  • Dog proof your fence
  • Dog house built
  • Playground added or repaired
  • Bocce Court installed

Odd Jobs

  • I have a woodshop where I can build Shelves and like cool-looking stained shelves: birdhouses, dollhouses, birdfeeders, Things like that. Also, art stretchers and Pet enclosures.
  • If you have some odd job that is not in the norm, I might be able to help you.


I will do small jobs. I work alone so I can control work. I know I’m going to show up. I better. You just need to talk to me. I will also work with you on your projects. Lots of times home owners just don’t have the tools or the skills but want to do it. I get it. I will help you and you take all the credit. I have no need to even take photos.

Don’t forget I am now making catios or cat enclosures. Yes, I am going to focus a little more on pet enclosures. I am also going to start making Nice decorative Shelves for people. I will also make some and put them on my site for sale, along with the window and deck Catios / Enclosures. I have been thinking about this for years now and going to go ahead and make it happen. My Site is………


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James Auden
James Auden
Todd is great, helped me with a bunch of fixes around the house. Good guy, does good work
Ben Dobbins
Ben Dobbins
We have had Todd to our home twice to hang photos, hang curtains, hang mirrors, install net new knobs on cabinets. He was very professional, very good at what he does, and very quick as well. All for a very fair price. I'd highly suggest to use him for any and all maintenance needs at your home. We'll for sure use him again.
Jeff Beley
Jeff Beley
Todd was at my home 30 minutes after my initial call and was able to fix my dryer vent quickly and completely. 10/10 Would call again!!
Todd is awesome. He mounted my 2 huge tv’s, hung up all of my curtains, hung up large mirrors, etc. at my first apartment then when I had to move he took everything down for me, covered the holes in the walls (without me even asking him to!), then hung everything back up at my new apartment. He is so helpful and so nice. Great prices as well. I 100% recommend him for your home repairs.
Kevin Harrington
Kevin Harrington
Todd did top notch work at my house. He took care of a serious door problem that I had as well as fixing a celling fan that someone else installed incorrectly. The best handyman that I've ever hired. I'll be using him again! -Kevin H
Stephen Scott
Stephen Scott
Fantastic work and even better price will hire again
M Ahyo
M Ahyo
We've been doing some work around the house and were looking for an experienced and skillful handyman who could help with all we needed done. I contacted Todd to help with installing hardware on our kitchen cabinets and drawers, mounting a TV in our living room, and putting up some shelves on our living room wall. He was extremely communicative from the very beginning, and arrived promptly at the time we agreed on. He worked quickly and efficiently, and even took some quick trips to the Home-Depot for additional brackets and parts when it turned out I had the wrong kind. He's friendly, professional, and thorough, and we will 100% be using him again! Highly recommend!
Tim Powers
Tim Powers
Excellent experience. Todd spent two full days at our house and his work was impeccable. A+ rating. No need to call anyone else for your handyman needs. If you have something in your home that needs repair - Todd will find the best way to fix it.
Scott Davenport
Scott Davenport
Told has a great work ethic and performs exactly as promised . Wouldn’t hesitate to contact him again for any handyman needs .
Cris Kennerly
Cris Kennerly
Had an issue that I needed fixed quickly. Called Todd and he was able to solve the problem quickly for a great price! I have found the perfect handyman for my honey do list! Highly recommended 380 Handyman!! Thanks Todd!

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