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Due to the onset of the Vacation Virus I will no longer be taking arms and legs as payment. In addition firstborn will also not be accepted but hand sanitizer, facemask and Gold bullion may be substituted. Coffee, Breakfast or Lunch is still expected and can directly effect quality of work. Handyman Service 

House general list needs

  • Smoke alarms battery replace or replace out of date fire alarms
  • Touch up paint inside and outside
  • Fill, Texture, and repaint walls that have cracked or peeled
  • Replace out of date or fix towel holdersHang paintings and / mirrors
  • Caulk around the tub, toilet, sinks and showers.
  • Repaint crown molding (Always a nice touch)
  • More Shelves in garage, closets, For – photos, trophies, knick knacks, spices or food
  • Replacing trim chewed up by dog or cat scratches. Sometimes does not need to be replaced.
  • Drapes to keep light out so Zombies will not know your home
  • TV mounting (On wall or ceiling) Mount above the bed so you do not need to prop yourself up
  • Catio or Cat indoor playground. (Google it)Convert Carpet over to wood covering. Stop replacing carpet
  • Clean outside house. Will Spray dogs if you want

Services not rendered. I have been asked for really

  • Babysitting
  • Fixing food truck
  • Mowing yards and trimming bushes.
  • Hauling bags around the house so you don’t have to. Millennials.
  • Not work for college students. Problem is that that scheduled time I say ok to show up at the time they are sleeping, or not home, don’t have phone on and they think it is no big deal my life revolves around them. I’m tired of it.
  • slum lords
  • Wanting me to do a job and think I’m going to figure it 20 times. Figure out what you want. If you want it the cheapest way under the sun not a problem. Just don’t ask for it to be figured with this and another with that just because I mention something. If you want it cheap that is what you want to pay for. Some people think I am on payroll with them. If you are serious that is one thing just wanting 100 bids because you’re not doing the figuring is another.
  • Last but not least, people from other planets. Just funny. I would go.


  • Repaint room
  • Replace ceiling fans, blinds or light fixtures, disco balls Free


  • Paint or stain
  • Change locks
  • Doors sticking
  • Will not close
  • Replacing doors
  • Fix when someone decides foot goes into the door very nicely or door and door frame is kicked in.


  • Want new windows.
  • Have windows want to have them installed.
  • I can make screens. I don’t advertise that.  Evidently, I have worked for you before or you would not have this paper. So feel lucky and buy a lotto ticket.
  • Have tin foil put on them lolol Wait maybe cardboard. Link Frosted flake boxes. That is extra.

Exterior Areas

  • Is my home Zombie proof? I should have it checked by 380 Handyman.
  • I think I have rotting wood on corners around my home? Just fix it, tell me when done!
  • Repair fences and make gates that work. Clean and stain or paint. I don’t build fences. But you have a problem put it on your list.

Garage and Laundry room

  • Add Shelves
  • Hanging shelves
  • If in your Garage I make a 2-foot wide shelf that if you want to keep stuff or have a lot of boxes it is for you. I have made a lot. Can make them as long as you want or as short. You can get 2 to 3 on an 8-foot wall.
  • Shelves for Kitchen, Spice racks, utensil holders Shelves for putting all kinds of junk on


  • Update toilets (Get rid of 5-gallon flush toilets)
  • Replace insides of toilets so they do not run or stick
  • Remove and Re-caulk around the sink, shower, toilet, bathtub
  • Replace or fix towel racks and tp holders
  • Wallpaper (like little ducks or Star Wars)

Water Damage

  • Most of the time it is just small leaks from the roof or A/C leaks that are minor. Call me or text


  • It is coming back now and it is pretty cool (m I’m hoping shag carpet and green and pink toilets)
  • Need it removed?
  • Need it installed?
  • Pick it out online and then tell me.

Walls and Ceiling

  • Fix holes from doorknobs going through walls, Kids or you stepping through the ceiling or if you are practicing Karate and mistake wall for Ninja Sneaking up on you.  Or Ninja turtle
  • Fix cracks and texture from home expanding and contracting with weather or moving from settling
  • Wallpaper removal and new wallpaper hung

Spouse making fun of (extra charge)

  • Did your spouse do something they should have not done to the house I will team up with you to make fun of them.
  • Includes staring at them Shaking Head, Saying O My And statement. We will have to coordinate the best time

Additional Services

  • Help with your rocket car or ship
  • Driving a car next to you running and yelling you’re doing a great job. If you ever see me running you should start, something is wrong like King Kong is coming down the street.
  • Helping people throw things away. Believe it or not, I really do this for people. Throw everything away but this paper

Odd Jobs

  • If you do have some odd job that is not in the norm tell me I will help you.

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