Handyman Todd,

Welcome, My name is Todd Steincamp I have lived in the Denton County since 1978. My Father was a pilot in the Air Force.

Wanted to be an entrepreneur moved back to Texas and Started “Spanway Roof Trusses” so from about 1979 we started building

our own building for Spanway and we built our how home. I was around 10 or 3rd grade whatever age that is. We ran Spanway for

around 25 years. Built Homes and Trusses from Bowie to McKinney. Just being around all the constant building during my life I

have worked a few projects for people and myself. From making Crockett fields, outdoor fireplaces, every kind of little problem

within a home. Just a few of the things I’ve made and worked on includes decks, fences, painting, sheetrock, hanging photos for

people, putting knobs on cabinets, too much to recall. I mostly provide handyman services these days around Denton, and DFW area.

I enjoy what I do so it makes is easy for me to a Handyman for hire.


Handyman Todd

My working photo I took one day. I needed a action shot.

Lots of handymen will put down everything from pools to roofs. I don’t fool myself or you.

Pool companies make pools and roofing companies do roofs. I work on Honey do list. If

you make a wish list of all the things you want done from hanging photos, fixing some trim,

painting, or making doors close I can help you with handyman work in DFW area. If it is

something I feel is not in my scope of work I will tell you and help you find someone. No job

is to small but some are too big. I don’t build homes or ad-ons any more.


If you need something bigger I can help you with contracting. I have lived around this area and

help you find the right people for a project. I don’t like doing things twice.


380Handyman for homeowners close to the 380 Corridor Highway from Denton to McKinney

. 380 handyman services for: Paloma Creek, Union Park, Savannah, Cross Roads, Denton, Shady Creek, Dove Creek, ArrowBrooke,

Glenbrooke, Windsong Ranch, Krum, Sanger, Ponder, Denton, Aubrey, Frisco Hills, Frisco Ranch, Sunset Pointe and Grayhawk.


If you are around these areas and around that these  areas so if you car close to 380 within around 5 miles I might be able to help you with

handyman services. I know handyman services in  Sanger is not really 380 but I lived there for a while.